Fine art prints capture brilliant combinations of color and inspirational voice. Each print can be considered a window into the artist's soul, and used to spark similar reflections in ourselves. The art collection includes 24 reproductions of the artist's original work. Included with each print is a card enclosure featuring an artist biography and the inspiring affirmation.
  PACKAGING: Protective cello sleeve  
  EDITION: Open series, each print individually signed by the artist  
  SIZES: Prints have a 1/4" white border, sizes available 5"x7"  

PRICING: 5"x7" $135.00


WHOLESALE: Contact Art of the Soul for our wholesale price list.


RETURNS: We guarantee that you will receive the item as advertised. Any error will be promptly corrected. If there is an issue with your order, please email Art of the Soul within 3 days of receiving your item so that we can promptly resolve the issue. Returns allowed within 7 days of delivery and buyer pays shipping costs


02 - 01 COURAGE

This piece encourages the bold but wise risk-taker in you. Now is the time to let go of old fears, and allow them to be replaced by your expansive authentic self. By selecting this piece, you are saying yes to the spirit of courage that dwells within.


I have courage to reveal

my authentic self.

02 - 02 EMPATHY

Open your heart to the spirit of empathy. Gently release all judgment, and accept others experiences, perceptions and feelings. As the heart expands, soar with a sense of oneness.



I emanate light and extend

thoughts of love and compassion.


Where does conflict exist in your life? Who or what do you need to forgive? This piece nurtures your abilities to let go of the past and discover a new sense of connectedness with life. As we release, we experience true at-one-ment.


My life is open to a new moment

of good possibilities.

02 - 04 MAGIC

Spirit is truly magical and so is the awareness of it. Release all limitations, all so-called logical constraints on your being. No fear. No resentments. No regrets. Create new things out of nothing, and watch the impossible come true.


Unlimited possibilities for creative

expression unfold before me.

02 - 05 LETTING GO

Release all old, rigid ideas and no longer hold onto people, places or things. As you let go, feel the sweet breath of Spirit guides you and leads you to fresh new experiences that are beyond your greatest dreams.


I let go and let Spirit direct my life.


02 - 06 TRUST

Look past appearances, confident that Spirit knows what is best for you. Trust that a jewel of truth will be revealed within every experience. Be willing to see with Spirit's eyes, and proceed with faith in infinite wisdom.


I trust, knowing that in every

circumstance I discover a jewel.

02 - 07 GUIDANCE

In every situation, Spirit is at your side, gently providing you with right answers. Tap into Spirit continually throughout your day, hearing its quiet encouragement whenever you listen with your heart.


I am guided by Spirit to

make right choices.


All of the many facets of your self are intact. You are aware of inner connections with others, yet remain your own person, very sure of yourself. Your personal boundaries are crystal clear, understanding where you stop and others begin.


I claim sovereignty

over my Self.


Your divine nature accords natural self-esteem. Know your true self and understand real inner power. You are glorious, unique and lovable and expect others to treat you accordingly.




Self-esteem is my divine nature

in all its beauty and greatness

02 - 10 FREEDOM

Be free of all condemnation, criticism or conditions. Nothing can bind you, or hold you back from expressing your truest self. Experience the liberty of rising above all expectations and laugh because it feels so wonderful.


My freedom is to be.



This piece represents diligent effort expended toward achieving your goals, and/or the patient fulfillment of promises made to another. Be confident of the metamorphosis that rewards your effort. Your heart will burst open, revealing an amazing butterfly within.

My commitment
is born of heart

02 - 12 PLEASURE

Experience each and every moment of the day to the fullest. The smiles, laughter, melodies, scents and sensations not a single one is wasted. Passion and ecstasy is yours and life is indeed very good!


Today I experience peace, contentment,

satisfaction and the joy of living and loving.

02 - 13 ASKING

The first step of getting what you want is asking. Confident that you deserve all of life's rich bounty, express your wishes in a positive, confident manner. When receiving hints of what to do next, take action and behold all sorts of good things falling into your lap.


I declare my good and know it is so.


02 - 14 GOD'S LOVE

Every breath, every thought, every experience comes to you from fathomless love. Open yourself to this waterfall of spirit, and give thanks for your connection to the whole. This piece is about your wholeness and the awareness of being connected to a greater whole.


Yin and Yang, I am enveloped in the heart of God.



Guided in clear, tactful and positive communications, you know the exact word to say, and how and when to say it. Express your thoughts and emotions, and know that you deserve to be heard.


Today, I listen with my heart, and clearly


express my thoughts and desires.



This piece honors the grace and natural flow of your eternal life. Your natural flow of inner wisdom lives beyond the physical, and remains eternally pure. This piece affirms the flame of eternal life that is found within each individual.

My life is a never-ending dance of love.


This piece symbolizes the endless generosity of the universe, which can never leave a vacuum. There is a divine order.


I am enough.


02 - 18 DIGNITY

What are your attitudes bringing you? This piece affirms self-worth and respect. When you know your own self worth others will reflect similar attitudes toward you. This piece also reveals self-respect and integrity.




I have integrity, and preserve my own identity.


02 - 19 DESIRE

No longer try to control outcomes, or force events before their time. Listen carefully to the deepest desires of your heart, confident that they were given to you for a good reason. Say yes to your desires, and experience the freedom of fulfillment.


I honor the desire of my heart, and allow Spirit to fulfill it.



This piece reveals the changeless perfection and spiritual intelligence that is behind all form. As you get in touch with this source of wisdom, miracles show up in many unexpected ways.

I am eternally connected to my Divine source of love and wisdom.


Your higher self is available to you when you choose to embrace it. This piece affirms the discovery of an intimate relationship between your thoughts and your world.


I know that a Divine power is behind my every constructive thought.


02 - 22 TIME

This piece affirms nothing is born out of time. You are in the right place at the right time. Embrace patience, slow down, and enjoy this sacred moment.


There is no time but the present moment,

where I breathe in the Divine and all is well.


Financial freedom is having the money to do what you choose, and the discipline to use it wisely. Release all fear of lack, and allow the flow of abundant ideas to fill your mind. Become grateful for all aspects of your prosperity, as giving back to the universe is a joyous experience.


I accept limitless ideas from Spirit, and I have


complete faith in their prosperous activity.



A Happy Heart is not weighed down by old baggage and unfinished business. This piece is about opening up to greater experiences of happiness and a way of life that is light-hearted and joyous.


Today, a lighthearted and joyful

expression beams from my heart.
-Bellevue, Washington -
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