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In an Art of the Soul workshop, you will discover the power of Spirit while quieting the mind and allowing the intuitive self to create art effortlessly. A guided meditation initiates a journey of self-discovery and the deepening of awareness. Each participant embarks upon an outpouring of creativity, serving as a dynamic tool for transformation.


Creativity will unlock a powerful inner process. Changes that may be noticed after this workshop include increased clarity, a breakthrough of your creativity, a release of blocks and old beliefs, and an understanding of your wholeness.


  • Introductory discussion with meditation
  • Activities which access left and right brain
  • Creation of powerful art on 5"x7" paper
  • Closing ceremony with sharing

No prior art experience is necessary.

Linda's art pieces have inspired many people as your art will no doubt inspire you.

Schedule a workshop today for your retail store, healing center or spa. For more information regarding upcoming scheduled workshops, locations and dates, contact Art of the Soul.

Facilitator Linda Jochimsen is founder of Art of the Soul, Inc., located in the greater Seattle area. She is a gifted artist who creates inspirational fine art and elegant jewelry. Linda shares her creative process with others so that they, too, can experience their own Art of the Soul.




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