Immortality Collection by ART OF THE SOUL

AFFIRMATION: My life in the beloved is a never-ending dance of love. – Immortality Collection

Immortality Collection by Art of the Soul

AFFIRMATION: My life in the beloved is a never-ending dance of love. – Immortality Collection

Immortality Affirmation Card by Art of the Soul

AFFIRMATION: My life in the beloved is a never-ending dance of love. – Immortality Collection

From affirmation to artwork to jewelry

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ART OF THE SOUL Collections are treasures that will inspire your life and generations to come. In each design, I create a positive affirmation and frame it in a way that opens a window of thought and contemplation. All the collections originate from themes of spiritual awakening. These themes are an evolution of consciousness, shifting out of a separate self to a realization of oneness.

Affirmations can be interpreted into the senses, first visually through the colorful original art prints and cards, then into the tactile experience of finely crafted jewelry. Meaning and purpose are woven through each design to inspire and affirm inner strength and beauty.

Linda Jochimsen, Founder and Artist

Featured Collection

Happy Heart Collection

Linda’s Creative Process

Following her spiritual practice in meditation, Linda arrives at a positive affirmation that she then translates into a rich, dynamic drawing. These inspired drawings have included affirmations of Courage, Empathy, Commitment, and Freedom, among many more.

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Affirmation Cards

Experience the positive energy of ART OF THE SOUL affirmation cards. The symbolic artwork will help you immerse in relaxation and meditation. Practice mindfulness while using these beautiful empowering cards everywhere. Packaged in a quality box, the twenty-four 3”x3” cards can accompany you to the office, college, travel, and daily outings. Use them to relieve stress by remembering the positive words. Give a meaningful gift. The deck is great for men and women alike. Perfect for including on your calendar, adding to a journal, or word collage.

ART OF THE SOUL Testimonials

One of your art pieces, “Sovereignty” is hanging from the wall at my apartment. Every time I look at your piece, I always ask myself what is my dignity, and how I want to be myself. It means a lot to me! With love from Tokyo.

- Aya

Linda, I was the blessed recipient of your beautiful jewelry and I cannot express adequately my appreciation for your work. It was a spectacular birthday gift which I will wear and treasure all of my life. Your work is exquisite and exceptionally detailed. Please take pride in the knowledge that your art is born and worn with love.

- Kathy

Linda Jochimsen’s original artwork was a powerful tool for transformation, one that transcended words and thoughts, integrated emotion and quickened manifestation of a greater experience in my life, and work.

- Jackie

I'd been slugging my way through an emotional morass, otherwise known in the old days as a nervous breakdown. Midway through the various delightful workshop exercises of drawing and musing and meditating, I suddenly started to breathe again. I could see my way to a fresh start. Don't know how Linda does it, but it's magic pure and simple.

- Holly N.

The Art of the Soul guided meditation caused my heart to open to powerful energy and insights. I have had several job interviews since the class.

- Karen

The pace and time spent in silence is perfect. The workshop will get your creative juices flowing and you will walk away from the workshop with a piece of art that comes out of yourself, that’s the meditative artwork.

- Anna Rene Joseph Ed. D.

I realized that meditation does not mean doing nothing.

- Susan B.

At first, I wasn’t going to go, I was not an artist. I was so glad I went! Linda has a beautiful way of opening you up to your creativity. The meditation was heart opening. I walked away from the workshop with a piece of art I am very proud of.

- Reverend Nancy Worth

I would describe Art of the Soul as a quiet place. You don’t need to be a yogi or red brand. It’s for people who want to relax. Everyone meditates in their own way, and Art of the Soul gives you permission to create art.

- Adam


Divine Reality

I am connected to my divine source of love and wisdom.

This collection reveals the changeless perfection and spiritual intelligence that is behind all forms. As you get in touch with this source of wisdom, miracles show up in many unexpected ways.

Letting Go

I let go and let Spirit direct my life.

Release all old, rigid ideas and no longer hold onto people, places or things. As you let go, feel the sweet breath of Spirit guide you and lead you to fresh new experiences that are beyond your greatest dreams.


My life is a never ending dance of love.

This collection honors the grace and natural flow of your eternal life. Your natural flow of inner wisdom lives beyond the physical, and remains eternally pure. This piece affirms the flame of eternal life that is found within each individual.

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