Creative Process

Art of the Soul Creative Process

Art for Inspired Living

Following her spiritual practice in meditation, Linda arrives at a positive affirmation that she then translates into a rich, dynamic drawing. These inspired drawings have included affirmations of Courage, Empathy, Commitment, and Freedom, among many more. 

Many of her art pieces undergo a lengthy creative process to become fine jewelry. She first develops the two-dimensional drawing into a three-dimensional sculptured jewelry design by carving the design into a wood model. Every piece requires attention to the smallest detail. More than forty hours of artistry go into each jewelry design.

Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict-Free Diamonds

ART OF THE SOUL uses only diamonds procured in accordance with the Kimberley Process. This process was established in 2003 following a United Nations General Assembly resolution to prevent “conflict diamonds” from entering the rough diamond market.

Art of the Soul Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

ART OF THE SOUL Code of Conduct sets out the company’s expectation that suppliers should respect the Fundamental Conventions of the International Labor Organization and the UN of Human Rights. As a condition of doing business with us, suppliers must certify that they will comply with all applicable laws governing employment, wages, working conditions, benefits, and safety, in addition to all applicable environmental laws and regulations. In addition, our commercial agreements with suppliers include provisions specifically prohibiting practices associated with human trafficking and slavery.