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Art Meditation Workshop with Art of the Soul

Realize your gifts and talents

In an Art of the Soul meditation workshop, you will break through obstacles while quieting the mind and allowing the intuitive self to create art effortlessly. A guided meditation initiates a journey of self-discovery and the deepening of awareness. Each participant embarks upon an outpouring of creativity, serving as a dynamic tool for transformation.

What to expect

Creativity unlocks a powerful transformational process. Changes that may be noticed after this workshop include increased clarity, a breakthrough of creativity, and a release of potential blocks and old beliefs.

This workshop is designed to serve both new and experienced meditators. No prior art experience is needed.

Workshop Description

Awaken your heart, creativity and wisdom

The workshop serves to bring an awareness of one’s inner self to the foreground and create with intention from a heart-centered place of surrender and relaxation. The result is often a deep connection and contemplation with your higher self. Sometimes a picture reveals a story about our internal life that isn’t accessible in words. Creativity can help to make the leap to full understanding and expression.

The art meditation practice

The program includes a silent guided meditation, choosing the intention and title of your piece, answering questions presented by Linda, and introspective writing and drawing. Three affirmation cards are presented to each participant, which become part of their creative process. The group comes together at the end for reflection and sharing.

Preparing for the workshop

The art supplies list for art meditation may include a variety of mediums. Choose your favorites. Participants enjoy color pencils, felt tip markers, pastels and/or watercolor paints.

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