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Art Meditation Workshop - Online

“Meditation is the foundation of my work as an artist and designer. The Art Meditation process is an opportunity to take a break, join like-minded people and quiet the mind while allowing your intuitive self to create art effortlessly. The guided meditation will initiate a journey of self-discovery and the deepening of your spiritual awareness.” Linda

What to expect

Creativity unlocks a powerful transformational process. Changes that may be noticed after this workshop include increased clarity, a creative breakthrough, and release of potential blocks and old beliefs.

This workshop is designed to serve both new and experienced meditators. No prior art experience is needed.

The Art Meditation Practice

The program includes a silent guided meditation followed by each participant choosing their intention and art piece title. Linda presents a series of questions to be answered by writing and drawing. Three affirmation cards from the Art of the Soul deck are chosen by each participant, the symbolic meaning of each card becomes part of the creative process. The group comes together at the end of the workshop for reflection and sharing. Combined, these techniques generate a unique in-depth experience of awareness.

Discover Your Intention

There is power in deepening your mental space and developing your creative mind. Each day may come with its own set of challenges, but they don’t seem overwhelming when you allow yourself to pause with awareness and process what’s really happening. Discovering your intention can bring a fresh perspective.

  • Lower stress and anxiety
  • Reduce isolation and increase connections
  • Find serenity and practice well being
  • Improve your mood and be creative

Preparing for the Meditation

The art supply list for art meditation may include a variety of mediums. Choose and bring your favorites. Participants enjoy color pencils, felt tip markers, pastels and/or watercolor paints.

Schedule a Workshop with Linda

Linda will facilitate a single workshop or a series for your spiritual group, women's club, retreat, conference, healing center... The possibilities are endless. A sliding scale is available for non-profit institutions upon request.

The workshop is offered on Zoom within a 90-minute time frame depending on the size of the group.

Contact Linda for pricing and scheduling details.

Telephone: 425-467-5715